Welcome to Preppy Pawz, where fun and fashion make the world a better place for dogs. We provide high-quality, trendy accessories for dogs of all sizes.
Our Vision:

We believe all dogs deserve a chance to be fashionable without breaking their owner’s bank, so we decided to do our part. To help you spoil the dogs you know at a reasonable price, we’ve designed safe, high-quality dog accessories with uber trendy, exclusive designs.

Our Commitment:
As a dog owner, I understand the love we have for our pets. This is why Preppy Pawz is dedicated to pet safety, product quality, fun, and building a brighter future for all our four-legged friends, one accessory at a time.
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When it comes to accessories and friends - we believe the more the merrier! Follow us to keep up with local events, promotions, and new designs. Don’t forget to share your stories with us too!
Angie Paskewitz, Owner
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